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As an institution, UCR considers the kinds of events that could pose a risk to our mission, and takes steps to mitigate them. These include strategic risk, compliance risk, financial risk, reputational, risk, physical risk, and others.  Our division can deal with a whole host of threats. Our strategic goals are to predict, prepare, respond, recover, and improve.



What began as separate independent units, is now one cohesive division. The team works collaboratively towards the same mission and strategic goals.

ERM pillars


On a routine basis, the ERM team has discussions with executive leadership focused on projected risks facing the campus. Through these regular monthly meetings that are focused on emerging risks, senior leadership is trained to know what their roles are in the event of a crisis. They are forward-thinking about potential threats and issues, building it into their planning and policy decisions. Because of this interaction, the team has developed the confidence of executive leadership, who in-turn champion the processes vital to minimizing the effects on the organization, while taking advantage of the opportunities that grow the campus.

The team also engages in partnerships across the campus that builds tolerance to bad news, helps make sense of chaos, teaches others how events can unfold, and builds readiness to emergencies and disasters. This includes solidarity in presence during committee meetings and collaboration during leadership meetings.


Managing risk is a campus-wide responsibility. Central to this concept is the role played by: Individuals, Campus Community, Risk Committees, Compliance Units, and Enterprise Risk Management (ERM).


Instead of the one unit focused on risk, we truly believe that "Everyone is a Risk Manager."

everyone is a risk manager


Latest News


UCR Enterprise Risk Management recognized with a Spotlight Award from UCOP Risk Services.


ERM function created per the Business & Administrative Services (BAS) strategic organization Phase 2.

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